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Discover how to shield yourself and your loved ones with our Financial Vulnerability workshop, where we take you through the hidden signs, strategies to fortify your finances and empower you to protect yourself from financial abuse.


Secure your complimentary consultation today by filling out our short form. Discover personalised strategies to protect yourself and your assets from the pervasive threat of financial vulnerability. Remember, knowledge is power, but action is transformation. Let us arm you with both.

Stopping Financial Abuse
is Our Calling

At the core of Financial Vulnerability, you’ll find a dedicated team driven by a singular mission: to illuminate the path out of financial abuse and vulnerability for individuals from all walks of life.

Originally Financial Planners, we increasingly found new clients falling prey to financial abuse. From all walks of life. Every age. Every socio-economic group.

Financial abuse is a pervasive, often silent crisis affecting millions, yet it remains shrouded in misunderstanding and stigma. Determined to change this narrative, we established Financial Vulnerability as a sanctuary of support, education, and empowerment.

Why Us? Because We Understand
and We Care

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals, including certified Financial Abuse Specialists™, who bring decades of combined experience in finance, psychology, and legal advocacy. We’re not just experts in our fields; we’re individuals who’ve seen the impact of financial abuse firsthand and are passionate about making a difference.

Understanding that financial abuse affects more than just one’s bank account, we offer comprehensive support addressing both the immediate financial concerns and the longer-term emotional and psychological effects. Our approach is tailored, sensitive, and respects the unique circumstances of each person we assist.

We're Here For You — Without

One of the hardest steps for many facing financial abuse is reaching out for help — often out of fear of judgement or not being taken seriously. Let us be clear: Financial Vulnerability is a judgement-free zone. We understand the courage it takes to seek assistance, and we meet that bravery with empathy, confidentiality, and respect.

Choosing Financial Vulnerability means partnering with an ally who believes in your right to financial safety and independence. Our track record of successfully guiding individuals out of financial vulnerability speaks to our commitment and effectiveness. But beyond our successes, it’s our compassionate approach that sets us apart. We’re not just fighting financial abuse; we’re fostering a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.

Your Financial Security Isn’t Just Our
Mission - It’s Our Promise To You

Your journey to overcoming financial abuse starts with a conversation. Reach out to us at Financial Vulnerability, and let’s explore together how we can support you in breaking free from financial abuse and building a secure, empowered future.

“Financial vulnerability is a critical aspect of our lives, often catching us unaware. Simon and his team at Financial Vulnerability are doing essential work in this field, shedding light on complex issues and providing robust support. Their expertise as financial professionals enables them to protect individuals and also help them leverage their abilities to rebuild lives affected by financial challenges. Having worked with Simon for many years, I can attest to his kindness, compassion, and dedication. His commitment to this cause is not only pioneering but also a testament to his character. I am proud to recommend Simon, a valued colleague and friend, and commend his groundbreaking work in navigating these challenging times.”

Michelle Hoskin, Standards International
Founder & Co-Creator, Financial Abuse Certification